That’s Witchcraft! A New Posting Topic and a First Example

Arthur C. Clarke famously said or wrote (not verbatim really) that any sufficiently advanced technology would appear as magic to a less advanced society.  I can buy that.  In our modern world, with huge technological advances appearing almost daily, there have been plenty of examples of things that I’ve encountered that, due to a lack of understanding of the specifics, I could consider as “magical” (note: I’m well aware they’re not magic, but that is because I am a relatively educated individual not prone to superstitious thinking).  So, with a goal of highlighting some of these amazing things, I’m going to attempt another semi-regular posting (like Contemplation and Signs of the Apocalypse) which I’ll be calling “That’s Witchcraft!” (obviously in the accusatory, with the assumption that people of an older time and/or lesser critical inquiry capacity, would respond to these things by demanding a witch burning).  Enjoy!

So here is the first one.  It is a video of a disturbingly realistic Morgan Freeman portrait being painted on an iPad.  So realistic in fact that I am pretty sure some would draw the conclusion that the device actually summoned Morgan Freeman from some blissful void and thusly brought him into glorious being.  Yup, total witchcraftery.

~ by Nathaniel on December 3, 2013.

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