It’s Cold!

This morning the thermometer at my house read only 6 degrees F.  I was not pleased with this. In the six and a half years I’ve lived in South Carolina this is the coldest temperature I’ve seen.  I’ll be happy if it is another six and a half years (or more really) before this kind of cold comes around again.

I think it is safe to say that there are “cold” and “warm” people in the world.  For these people one temperature extreme is clearly less desirable than the other (they may not care about the opposite extreme too much either, but it is usually less of an annoyance).  I am very much a cold person, and tend to almost always be cold.  Even in the heat of summer I keep a sweatshirt in my office because the AC is too cold for me. Sure, I don’t love being sweat drenched in 100 degree temperatures either, but I’ll gladly take a hot day over a cold one any time.

When I say I am cold there is a certain sub-set of people who like to laugh and say “But aren’t you from Vermont?”  Why yes, yes I am . . . your point is?  OH! . . . Hahaha! I see now, you think, just because I came from a northern state live Vermont, which is known for some real cold weather, that I must be totally cool with the cold? How silly of me! . . . and now I’m scowling at you.  Look, just because I was born and raised in a state that can experience wretched winter weather doesn’t mean I like the cold . . . at all.  Why do you think I’ve stayed in South Carolina so long (well besides because of my wife and job and all that stuff)?  It’s because it is warmer (and the wife and job and all that too, obviously)! Regardless of how much else I love about Vermont, and New England in general (went to college in the mountains in New Hampshire), I hate hate hated the cold winters.  So yes, it is generally less cold here in South Carolina, but it is still “cold” and I still dislike “cold” regardless of my previous habitation of even colder localities.

And for what it is worth, 6 degrees F is not the coldest I’ve ever encountered. In Vermont and New Hampshire I feel pretty safe saying I encountered at least a few days in the negative double digits F, add in wind chill, and it was real real nasty cold.

For everybody in colder places than South Carolina today . . . I’m sorry, cold weather really sucks.  I hope you can wrap up in some warm blankets  and sit by a fire or something.

Stay warm folks, its nasty out there.

~ by Nathaniel on January 7, 2014.

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