The Polarizing Take on Condiments

Some years back now I wrote a post contemplating condiment usage and preferences. I stand by pretty much everything that I wrote in the post, and so this one isn’t really anything too different, just a general update of sorts.  Two reasons for this: first, being this io9 post and the comments that follow that illustrate the point of the polarizing nature of condiment use/preference, and secondly, because while eating lunch yesterday, Eliza and I had a bit of condiment consideration.

The io9 post highlights how mayonnaise is the most popular condiment in the US.  Honestly, that doesn’t surprise me much at all (much to the dismay of the author of the post). Mayonnaise is ubiquitous in our culture, and have even spread outwards to other cuisines (Japanese, Mexican, etc.).  Personally it doesn’t bother me much, because I am pretty cool with mayonnaise, but for many people, like the author of the io9 post, the news of mayonnaise’s success is dismaying and potentially disgusting.

Along with the whole mayo popularity thing I am made to think of lunch yesterday. Eliza and I caught a bite to eat downtown at The Trappe Door. One of the things that The Trappe Door does is serve a variety of homemade flavored mayonnaises with their pomme frites for dipping. I like them a lot (especially their chipotle one) and pretty much always enjoy.  Eliza, on the other hand, falls into the camp of not liking mayonnaise (which is fine because a ton of people don’t like mayonnaise), and so only wanted to try the curry mayo with her fries.  She liked the curry mayo fine, but mostly she attributed this to the fact that the curry flavor pretty much covers up any quality of mayonnaise.

Look, as I mentioned in that past post, condiments are all about controlling the personal flavoring of the food we’re eating. As such, it is no surprise that opinions vary widely for each kind of condiment.  Personally, like most of my food considerations, I’m pretty down with all condiments. If I really had to pick a least favorite it would be ketchup, but I still eat ketchup quite often, especially with fries, so it isn’t even that I hate the stuff.

So what is your stance on condiments?  How do you feel about the domination of mayonnaise.  Go ahead, discuss.

~ by Nathaniel on January 30, 2014.

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