30 and 7

So it’s a day late, but I am 30 years old now. Kind of weird to think that my 20s are officially behind me now. It was a good and formative decade, progressing from college student to independent adult. Doing some pretty big and exciting things like graduating from college, moving away from home (in Vermont to South Carolina), getting my first real job, buying my first car, and especially getting married. So yeah, the 20s were pretty awesome (there was some less than awesome things in there too, including but not limited to getting arrested, getting in a car crash, and getting sued. no need to rehash all the down times). So, here’s to hoping that the 30s provide as much excitement and interest as the 20s have.

In other news I’ve also now officially lived in South Carolina for seven years (first moved here on my birthday, June 2nd, in 2007). I’ve really come to think of SC as my home. And while Vermont will always be the home in my heart, South Carolina is now the definite home in my living life. I’ve gotten so many great friends and families in the seven years I’ve been in this state. I love all that the area has to offer. I particularly enjoy the moderately mild winters. And while the local politics are not always in line with my general world views, all and all this has been a great place to live. Seven years down and many more to go.

So really that is all. I got the awesome gift of a two tap kegerator for my birthday from an amazing group of friends and family, so I need to kick my homebrewing back into gear. I’ll hopefully remember to post an update about it soon.


~ by Nathaniel on June 3, 2014.

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