The Past Couple of Days

So I’ve been away for awhile but now I am back.  My parents arrived late Saturday night and I didn’t see them until Sunday morning.  it has been a busy but fun couple of days since then.  Sunday we went to the Greenville Zoo and the Artisphere event in downtown (eating some good food — like curried goat — and seeing a bunch of great artwork).  That evening we all headed over to the Huska Plantation for a Low Country Boil which was very fun (thanks to y’all who hung out and met my folks, they had a really great time).  Monday the parents and I headed north to Asheville, NC for the day.  That is a beautiful little city and it was great to just walk around, look in shops, and eat some awesome food.  That evening my mom made eggplant Parmesan for Me and Mad and Martha.  Yesterday I had breakfast at the Country Ham House, visited the Upcountry Museum, did a bunch of shopping (getting a tool box full of tools, a desk, some drawers for clothes, and a new chair) and ate some BBQ.  Finished off Tuesday by going down to Barley’s with the folks and Mad having a beer and some appetizers, strolling around the city a bit, and then getting a little gellato for dessert.  

My parents have just now stopped by the library to say their farewells before heading north to Charlotte, NC to catch their flight back to Vermont.  It has thus far been a fun and tiring week.  It was great to see the parents but I will also be glad to be getting back to my normal routine of things in the next couple of days.  I owe them a bunch of thanks for all the food and other stuff they bought for me over the last couple of days.  I know they know how much I appreciate it all. 

In reflection it is strange thinking about seeing my parents now that I have lived for nearly a year without seeing them regularly.  I talk to them both on the phone or by email a lot but I am now living on my own and doing my own (quite far away at that) and so getting to actually see them is not really all that common (even in college, when I lived two hours away, I saw my parents much more often).  It is a part of growing up that everybody goes through at some point.  I’ve had my ups and downs with my parents over the years but I think now that I’ve got my own life and decisions to make I’ve come to a greater appreciation of all they have done for me over the years.  I know that I wouldn’t be who I am today without them.  So thanks guys, I love you both very much. 

~ by Nathaniel on April 23, 2008.

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