What The Fuck Go Daddy!

Okay, what the fucking shit Go Daddy.  The other day the generallordisimo.com domain was working fine for directing people to this blog and now it goes to some stupid Go Daddy Sponsored shit!  I’m raging pissed dudes!  So seriously, what the fuck!  Expect an angry call to customer service.

~ by Nathaniel on May 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “What The Fuck Go Daddy!”

  1. Lord, I’m concerned about your anger level. It’s not healthy. Let it go. Breathe deeply. I’d hate the term to change from “Going postal” to “Going librarian”

  2. I will be calm when GoDaddy stops being a piece of shit. Until such time there is nothing but wrath and indigestion on my plate.

  3. I have recently logged into godaddy (not my hosting but a client) to try and upload some files. Connecting to a godaddy server through FTP seems to impossible, their JAVA based FTP program managed to delete 5 folders in a directory it wasnt even looking at.

    Their hosting control panel is full of advertising and general crap that no one needs.

    They are the worst hosting company ive ever come across.

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