Oh Shit! The Iranian’s are using Photoshop of Mass Hysteria!

So a bunch of people are in whole big hysterics because Iran announced that they test fired some missiles yesterday.  Here is the wonderful kicker.  The image that Iran media released of the missile launches appears to have had some Photoshopping done to it, meaning, quite possibly, that they didn’t really launch as many missiles (probably still launched some but hell who isn’t launching some test missiles these days?).  All and all I think the whole US attitude toward Iran is kind of ridiculous.  Okay, granted, Iran doesn’t have a really good track record of human rights or welcoming attitude toward the US (though the later probably has a lot to do with shit our own country pulled in Iran in the past . . . remember The Shah?  Turns out he wasn’t that great a guy).  The thing is while Iran might talk big and test fire some missiles they probably do not really want to have a military engagement with western nations because it would be pretty bad news bears all around.  Likewise, our country should not really want to have a military engagement with Iran, because even though we are probably far superior in military might an all out war with Iran would likely be very long and very messy just adding vast numbers of American’s dead in the already occurring military campaigns in the Middle East (and they told us Iraq and Afghanistan would be quick little conflicts).  Iran and its leaders aren’t great but a war with that country is very likely to just cause a hell of a lot more problems (just like the war in Iraq did but I’d guess probably on a much bigger scale).  The Iranian leaders are a bunch of douche-bags who like to talk shit and try and stir stuff up but really are not worth the effort.  If they actually do something (like fire first) then retaliate, otherwise just keep up the tight sanctions and maybe, just maybe, consider the possibility that open dialog and diplomacy might solve more problems than bombs and guns will.

~ by Nathaniel on July 10, 2008.

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