Actually Enjoying a Sports Article

Personally I have never been a huge sports person.  I can watch sports and engage in sports conversation to a certain degree, but really they just don’t give me much interest.  Admittedly Iam a bit more into sport now than I have been in the past.  I will give big credit in this regards to Clemson Football as last year I really enjoyed going tailgating and/or just hanging out with friends to watch a game.  I’ve also long enjoyed keeping up with the Red Sox and watching them play, which is based strongly on family (dad and brother are die hard fans, as are most of my mom’s side of the family who live around Boston).  So it isn’t that I actively dislike sports, I’ve just been kind of slow getting around to true appreciation.  I can admit that watching a game (pretty much any kind) can be fun in the moment of play, especially if hanging out with other people.  But reading about sports has never really been anything I’ve bothered doing (except for occasionally checking scores).  Well today I encountered perhaps the first sports article that I actually really liked reading and found wholly interesting.  The article is titled “‘Celebration’ crackdown hurts college football” and appeared on (which may have helped my enjoyment because I love reading stuff from Salon).  What was it that made this article interesting to me?  Part of it is the whole Clemson Football thing and developing an greater appreciation for college football as a whole (by the way I think the only book about sports that I have ever read all the way through was about college football culture, it’s called “Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer” — very good and worth checking out).  Another thing is that Kaufman makes a really Strong argument that resonated well with me.  Finally it was just altogether well written, which scores big points with a English Major like myself.  Maybe I will try reading some more of King Kaufman’s pieces in the future.

~ by Nathaniel on September 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Actually Enjoying a Sports Article”

  1. I have to heartily disagree, especially that Kaufman made a strong argument.

    All I got from it is, “if you disgree with me your a big, stinky, doodoo-head.”

  2. I agree, on a second reading, that the article may not contian as strong an argument as I initially thought. But I still like what he has to say and I still consider the fact that he got me to enjoy reading something about sports as some sort of success. And, hell, isn’t it fun sometimes to use the illogical argument of “if you don’t agree with me you’re a big stinky doodoo-head!”?

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