What I don’t get . . .

 . . . is how the hell this post has become my most visited and commented upon post on this blog.  It ranks as one of the most inane postings I have every created (and that is saying a lot, because let me tell you, I know inane).  What I don’t get even further is why so many people choose to comment on it in such a likewise inane manner (or for that matter why I keep approving their comments).  I wonder if the over powering inaneness of the post is so great that people feel obliged to respond to it in like inane fashion.  If that is the case I could create a religion off of that shit. 

The Church of the Utterly Inane.

It will be awesome.  Nothing said will serve any purpose or meaning.  In fact the whole philosophy of the religion would be that existence itself is inane and arbitrary and trying to contemplate it beyond this truth is a waste of time.  And really you don’t even have to actively follow the religion because of its very nature.  It is like the one real truth is a general indifference.  it would be fantastic.

I guess what gets my goat is that I like to think I have written some somewhat interesting and not inane pieces on this blog that could spark serious discussion and instead people are drawn to a stupid little piece about how vampires run the Red Cross.  It’s crazy I tell you! 

But then again here I am sitting, writing a blog post about the inaneness of another blog post.  It is like some kind of hyper-inane post modernism.  Perhaps that is all the blogosphere really is, a self replicating downward spiral of inaneness.  Dear God have I cracked the code?  Does one get assassinated for discovering these kind of thing?

Fuck it . . . I’m getting some food.

~ by Nathaniel on January 30, 2009.

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