My fish died this morning.  What the fuck.  I’ve only had it for like four months, and I took care of it well (fed it, made sure to change it’s water regularly, etc.).  This is shit (not that it was a very expensive fish, just a betta, so about four bucks or so).

I guess it is just kind of depressing waking up and finding your fish dead.  Don’t they say that one of the reason to let kids have fish is so that they can inevitably learn about the realities of death?  Kind of morbid really. Not that fish are these great emotionally attached pets or anything, but seeing something dead is always a bit unnerving.

Still a bummer, I liked having the fish, he was cool looking.  I really wish I could have a dog, but I don’t live in a house that allows dogs.  Also I don’t know that I could afford a dog.  Also, I’m never home, and that isn’t fair to the dog.


~ by Nathaniel on April 11, 2009.

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