A Jalapeno Reality

Fact: I like Jalapeños . . . just pointin’ this out.  But it is more than that.  I like spiciness . . . specifically that from capsaicin producing peppers.  But that being said I have been rather irritated recently by the pain in which jalapeños are contributing to my life.  Not my tongue mind you, that is spicy pain which is desired, but my hands.

Yes, my hands.  Recently it seems that every time I chop up a jalapeño (and maybe other chili peppers — I haven’t developed constrained scientific standards of analysis) I find my fingers suffering from a rather significant burning sensation.  Furthermore it lasts.  I had cut up some jalapeños a week or so ago and my fingers felt a burn for almost three days after.   Is this just psychological or is there something about the peppers which is irritating my hands?  And if it is something about the peppers is there something that can be done to stop the burning?  I like to cook, and as I’ve said I enjoy spicy food, but I don’t want to be irritated by fiery hands.  Dear World/Existence is there a solution to my conundrum?

Mini-Contemplate: Is chili (hot) pepper consumption, or food flavored with capsaicin, masochistic?  I mean it hurts right? Burning hurts . . . am I wrong?  Yet many many people, societies, and cultures seem to greatly enjoy the spiciness that is inherent to various peppers.  Why?  Why does this burning sensation equate a pleasurable experience for us?

Of cousres I assume all eating is pleasurable (it is for me — love the eating thing).  Somebody explain, I am at a loss.

I still love jalepeños by the way.  Hard to give them up

~ by Nathaniel on July 2, 2009.

One Response to “A Jalapeno Reality”

  1. Another Fact: This title is not really appropriate as the whole post consists of mostly opinions and questions, thus lacking any real facts about jalapeños or any other things.

    Yet another fact: Just about two minutes ago I walked into a wall . . . I also happened to be naked at the time. This is a reality you readers now have to deal with.

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