What Should the Next Star Wars Movie Be?

After Episodes I, II, and III came out several years back now it seemed like the Star Wars franchise may have seen the last of its days on film.  But just a few years later an animated film “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” came out (obviously targeted for the younger audience).  What will be next then?

Here I am assuming that there will be something next, simply becuase the Star Wars franchise is such a huge money maker.  Furthermore with all the Expanded Universe has more than enough material between novels, comics, videogames, etc. to provide the plots of a new Star Wars movie.  So the question is just “what will it be?”

Yesterday Bear sent me a link to Uncrate’s brief description of Star Wars: Death Troopers.  Note that they suggest that Death Troopers might make a good Star Wars film.  While I have never read it, I have to agree that Storm Troopers versus zombies would be rather enjoyable.  Of course such a film would probably require a more mature rating and be aimed at a more adult target audience which might not be the preference of Lucas or the other financial backers.  But the merits would be the chance to produce an even darker film which might not have to have as much to do with the whiney Jedis and there fight against evil.

Yeah and give the Storm Troopers their dues.  In the original three films they were just bantha foder most of the time.  Sure they work for the Empire but maybe they are just trying to make a living and everybody knows that the government generally provides great benefits and good job security (Fact: Storms Troopers have the best dental plan in the galaxy).

I just suggest changing it up some.  We all know the main story about Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker by now.  So give us something else to enjoy.  Again, the material is available as well as an already loyal audience.  If you want to make more money all you have to do is pick and choose and maybe, just for kicks I guess, you could try and do a good job with it.  Just a suggestion.

~ by Nathaniel on August 11, 2009.

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