Signs of the Apocalypse: Intro

I’d like to start doing a new semi-regular posting, like “Contemplations,” titled “Signs of the Apocalypse.”  Why?  Well because it just seems appropriate considering one of the main focuses on this blog.

“Signs of the Apocalypse” posts will focus on events or news items that strike me as being a particular relevant marker of the upcoming end times.

For example, the whole crazy balloon boy story circulating around the Internet this afternoon (read about it here on The New York Times, The Lede).  Why does this story strike me as a potential sign of the apocalypse?  Well, mostly because there are just all sorts of uncertain and absurd elements to it.  Now, I don’t mean to diminish the possible serious nature of the event, and I truly hope that they find the kid safe and sound, but it is still just so bizarre.  Kid supposedly gets swept up on the air by homemade balloon.  Kid once appeared with amateur storm chaser parents on ABC’s Wife Swap.  Hell, father is an amateur storm chaser who makes homemade SciFi looking balloons!  And then when the balloon comes down the kid is missing? Weird things folks, weird fucking things. Again, I sincerely hope that this all works out well in the end, but that being said I have too creative an imagination and the elements of this just strike me as some horrible story that would appear on 48-Hours or something.

So anyways, yeah, “Signs of the Apocalypse,” it just seems right to me, and will hopefully help me get back to my doom-and-gloom origins of this blog.  I mean shit we live in the day and age of thinking robots, Iran and N. Korea with nuclear ambitions, and Kanye fucking West . . . somewhere in the lot of it I imagine we’re being told, “Y’all are seriously fucked.”

~ by Nathaniel on October 15, 2009.

One Response to “Signs of the Apocalypse: Intro”

  1. Yay! The Kid was found alive . . . thank goodness. Still doesn’t change the fact that I think the whole debacle was part of the foreboding of the end times.

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