Signs of the Apocalypse: A World Without Nukes?

Time Magazine offered us this article a few weeks ago after Nobel Peace Prize Committee, somewhat strangely awarded President Obama for success apparently yet to be actualized.  What is interesting about the article is that it takes a stance seldom heard in our nuclear day and age; that the Nukes might just be the one thing staving off global cataclysmic war.

Yes, indeed, that is the main point argued by David Von Drehle.  Now the question is, “is it true?”  Hard to say, seeing as nuclear weapons have been a reality for almost seventy years now.  What could be said is that Mr. Von Drehle makes a compelling argument by pointing out just how horrendous war was prior to nuclear weapons.  And while the nukes haven’t been the end all of war across the globe, it has certainly changed the way in which nations choose to pick their fights.  It almost begs the question of what would have happened between the USA and the USSR had there not been nukes in the post-WWII era.  Could it have possibly escalated into a WWIII far more deadly than either of the previous World Wars?  The possession of nuclear armaments might very well have prevented such a disaster in that the mutually assured destruction created a stalemate, uncomfortable certainly, but with relatively little bloodshed (listen, the Cold War had it’s fair share of fights in an array of proxy wars, it just wasn’t the two world Super Powers flinging nukes at one another).

So could a world without nuclear weapons spell disaster?  Who knows really.  It could only be revealed if we were to get rid of them all.   Personally (and perhaps sadly depending on where you stand in the argument) I don’t think there will aver be a non-atomic world again, unless some other great disaster makes civilization loose the technology.  Pandora’s box has been opened and the knowledge is here to stay whether we like it or not.  It seems the best we can do is try and keep control of the knowledge and keep it from being used by people who have no regards whatsoever for human life.  The USA and the USSR valued their existences too much to risk starting a nuclear war, but what’s to stop somebody who was already intent on a suicidal martyrdom?  A scary thought for a scary world I guess.

So it goes.

~ by Nathaniel on October 19, 2009.

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