Looking at the iPad From Two Perspectives

This is fun.  David Pogue, a tech reviewer for the New York Times, writes a two sided article that considers the pros and cons of Apples iPad tablet device to be released this weekend.  What I love about the article is that it very clearly pokes fun at the nuances and critics that our society apply to new devices and bits of technology . . . even if we haven’t had a chance to test it out our self.

To be honest, if we are talking about Apple’s iPad, about the most I can say is that I do not really care.  I have no personal intention of buying one myself (though I will gladly try out any that my friends may have).  It sounds like it might be able to do some cool things on one hand but on the other it really does just sound like an overrated big iPod Touch (and the lack of multitasking really does sound lame).  But I should clarify something about me and newfangled technological devices; I am a slow to buy hold out on the whole thing.  I know some people who always like to have the latest gizmo or gadget in their hands, regardless of cost, or even any real benefit of use.  I on the other hand may be on of the last people in the country who does not own some sort of MP3 player (and never has).  I just don’t see all that much need for all these toys.

And that is what I honestly think they are; toys.  Sure they may be useful toys, but the reality is that something more advanced is going to be coming along in a short while one way or another.  You can wait a bit and get something for much cheaper, or you can pay more and get a more capable device.  I’m sure Apple probably already has plans for the next six consecutive generations of iPad devices lined up, and they are just biding their time on the market, looking for the opportune moment to release the next version.

Yes the iPad has been eagerly anticipated for some time now, and yes it is going to have an impact on the way we think about personal computing.  But is it the end all?  Fuck no!  They’ll be something new and better.  There will be other devices that change the whole user experience.  There will be new ways of computing (just wait till we get that pointy finger computer thingy from “Minority Report”).

So yeah, basically, if you are really interested in the iPad and want to be a good consumer (and help the economy out a bit) then I would say, “Go for it!  Buy it, use it, and enjoy it!”  If you are not that interested or just not sure yet, then wait and see what happens.  See what other companies offer.  See what other different devices emerge. It’s bound to happen.  Only a matter of time really.

~ by Nathaniel on April 1, 2010.

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