That Cold Time of Year Comes South Again

I think that this morning was officially the first really crazy cold morning of the 2010/2011 winter season down here in South Carolina.  There was a heavy frost on the ground, small pools of water were frozen over with ice, and my breath left my mouth in big momentary clouds.  I found myself grateful for my hat, gloves, and the new jacket my parents had recently sent me (a nice L. L. Bean barn coat that was my brother’s before he outgrew it).

I always have kind of mixed feelings about the coming of winter.  On one hand I loath the cold and would much prefer the warmer weather.  But on the other hand, it is the traditional year closing temperatures that I have grown accustomed to throughout my twenty-six years of life.  While throughout most of the winter months I will undoubtedly spend most of my time indoors wearing multiple layers, I can still appreciate the crisp beauty that comes with the icy season.

Living in South Carolina has made winter somewhat more bearable (especially hearing about the wretched storms my parents have been dealing with up in Vermont), but there are times that I really miss the snowfalls and the long gray days of New England.  Down here the sun is far more prevalent, and when precipitation does fall it tends to be in the form of big cold rain drops (personally I will take snow over cold rain any day of the week).

So winter is here again.  The night comes fast (an annoying aspect of winter anywhere) and the days a crisp.  Hoodie sweatshirts, warm hats, and knit mittens are the thing for me right now until the thermostat gets back to staying the warm zone (which mark near the time of morel finding. Yay!).

Happy winter season to y’all.  Hope it treats you well.

~ by Nathaniel on December 3, 2010.

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