First Morels of 2011

This past weekend Evan, Eliza, Lynne and I went out and found our first morel mushrooms of 2011.  We did not find a lot of the delicious fungi, and most of what we did find were rather small at this time, which suggests that we are still very early into this year’s season here in South Carolina.  Probably over the course of the next two weeks we will be having greater success.

While we didn’t come back with a large harvest we did manage to scout out some good potential locations and confirms morel growth in previous areas of findings.  A lot about morel forging requires awareness of certain environments and conditions.  Here in South Carolina the big factors tend to be Tulip Poplar trees and flowing steams with decent flood plains.  The ground needs to be getting pretty warm, and a fair amount of rain is good, for morels to start showing up.  Last year, due to cold weather, we didn’t find any morels until April, but it seems like this year’s overall warmer conditions, as well as a few good rains, is getting the fungi to start fruiting earlier.

We forgot to take pictures of the morels we found on Saturday (though we’ll try to remember on later forays).  Eliza has written a good little blog post about the proper etiquette that goes along with morel hunting and sharing morel sites.  I’ll be posting some more as this season continues and we hopefully have some more good finds.

~ by Nathaniel on March 21, 2011.

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