How Much to Blog

A worthwhile little read on Mother Jones by Kevin Drum that could basically boil down to a brief contemplation on the matter of quantity versus quality

Mostly I found it interesting because it is specifically about blogging and what is the right number of blog posts to produce a day (most specifically if you are a paid professional blogger).  From a personal perspective, I write a lot fewer blog posts now than I did four years ago (at that time I was averaging about four or five posts a day, and my site traffic was up significantly).  From a personal perspective I also don’t maintain this blog for any financial gains, I do it because I enjoy writing and this is a pretty easy and laid back way to do that semi-regularly. 

One thing I do find interesting is how I do think that my more recent posts are better than the content that I was producing four years ago.  On occasion I dive into my archives to see the things that I once wrote about, and often I find it hard to imagine that I was the person who wrote those things.  It is not to say that I am embarrassed by them, I’m not, I like to own what I have said and done.  More so, it is that my voice has changed.  Sure, I am still horrible at self editing (and often say a big ol’ “fuck you” to careful spelling and grammar checking), but I think that over the years I have become a more careful writer.  This isn’t to say “better’ instead I think it is that I am a bit more calm and relaxed than the me in the early years of this blog.  While the me from 2007 -2008 might have a lot in agreement with them of 2012, I think I would find that past self a bit more prickly and inflammatory, a bit more willing to lash out at whatever. Hell, not to say that stuff doesn’t still get me pissed off and all, I just think I take it in a bit more stride now.

So is that what growing up is?  I’m 28 and I still feel like I haven’t figured that shit out. 

Oh well, here’s to almost six years of blogging and still being able to find something to put up on this site (a site by the way that I badly need to do some updates to, we’ll see if I get to it).

~ by Nathaniel on August 21, 2012.

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